A development financial model can be an intimidating set of information to collect, input and interpret. There are many values. Terms are not always well explained. It can be difficult to interpret the outputs.

This tool provides a starting point for completing a financial model similar to those you will need to complete to understand the viability of your development and apply for funding. Additional instructions, descriptions and contextual information is included to help you.

The tool consists of 5 worksheets intended to be completed in the following order:

  • Development Costs: Captures the costs to develop your project.
  • Operating Budget: Summarizes a rental project's bedroom distribution, income targets, operating income and expenses.
  • Capital Sources: Captures all permanent sources of funds for the development of this project.
  • 15 Year Operating Pro Forma: Captures income, expenses and cash flow over a 15 year period.
  • Sources and Uses Statement: Used to show which funding sources will pay for which project development costs.

Download the Tool:

Download Preservation Next Financial Model 100kb Microsoft Excel File

Note: Additional market-specific financial modeling tools with additional fields, assumptions and sample deals are being developed as part of the Preservation Next Academy program. These additional models will be added here as resources as they become available.

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